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Web development

Tailored to your business needs, scalable applications with beautiful designs your customers will love.

Web development

We’ll partner you at every step


We evaluate your business idea and prepare a scope for further development. We know that only with solid planning you can build your app fast and secure.


Our design team prepares clickable prototypes to finally present beautiful and modern UI for your product whether it’s a travel service, lifestyle portal or comparison site.


Thanks to code reviews, quality assurance and solid tracking we deliver your product piece by piece so you can test it with your users.


Leaving you after the development is not our style. We can maintain your production server also after your application is ready.

Why work with Briisk

Why work with Briisk

Full stack team

Developers, Project Managers, Quality Assurance Specialists are the core of our project teams. They work with you side by side to ensure effective daily communication.


We can scale your team up or down or exchange team members whenever it brings more value to the project.

Quality process

Continuous integration, code reviews, automated and manual tests are only a few ways we care about the quality of your product.

Web development

Web development of a last-mile parcel delivery platform

Managing the first and the last mile of package delivery is a challenging task for every sender and receiver. Packages get lost, people get frustrated, online shops lose trust. 

Wuunder solves the problem of tracking parcels from order to delivery by integrating multiple carriers and allowing all parties to monitor the package with a rigorous status and notification system. On top of that, Wuunder enhances user experience with Elixir backend, a powerful technology for applications handling big amounts of data.


Team members at Briisk


Months of cooperation


Agile teams
Briisk has become a crucial part of our team. They’re now managing the project very effectively, and the ideas that they bring to the project are instrumental to its success. So far, everything they’ve done has been on budget and delivered in a timely manner.
Bart Takkenkamp
Bart Takkenkamp
Managing Partner, Wuunder, The Netherlands

Our tech stack includes the latest technologies

Web development at Briisk is built around quality process and cutting-edge technology, both on the backend and frontend of your application.


Designed for lightweight applications that are scalable and easy to maintain. Perfect for multitasking apps requiring an loT of processing and calculations under the hood.

Ruby on Rails

Reliable for MVP development and quick application prototyping. It has everything it takes to build fantastic web applications.


Thanks to GraphQL, we can easily redesign the UI without even touching the backend. It means that we can save time, increase our team's productivity and speed up product development at the same time.


Google’s superhero framework for modern frontend development. Angular guarantees performance, scalable infrastructure and meets huge data requirements.


Helps us build interactive interfaces that perform great and can be developed fast, regardless of your technology stack. Startups and developers love React for its performance and reliability.

Looking for other services?

Check out other services we can offer. We provide high-quality code to deliver the best possible products, within time and budget.

IoT software development

IoT software development

Our IoT software development team knows how to build IoT solutions. We use the right tools and a proven development process to help your business become more eco-friendly or technology-driven.

Mobile development

Mobile development

Why choose between iOS and Android version of your app? Thanks to cross-platform mobile applications we can develop once and run everywhere.

B2B Applications Development

B2B Applications Development

Thanks to B2B applications development you can analyse data and make better business decisions. Use data visualisation and automate business processes to plan better and bring more predictability to your organisation.

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