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Mobile development

Our software development team helps startups and established businesses to use mobile technologies for their products. 

We’ll partner you to design and build beautiful and functional Android and iOS applications your users will enjoy.

Mobile development

We’ll partner you at every step


We evaluate your business idea and prepare a scope for further development. We know that only with a solid plan you can build your app fast and secure.


Our design team prepares clickable prototypes to finally present beautiful and modern UI for your product whether it’s a travel service, lifestyle portal or comparison site.


Code reviews, quality assurance and solid tracking are the foundations of our process. Thanks to new technologies and agile development we deliver your product piece by piece so you can test it with your users.


We maintain your production server also after your application is ready. No need to worry, your product is in good hands from A to Z.

Why choose Briisk

Why choose Briisk


With current mobile development, we’ll able to build multi-platform applications. It means that you’ll need only one mobile development team to build an iOS and Android app.  


Use new technologies today to build products people will use tomorrow. With modern mobile development, you can do it easily.


Reliable development process and regular deploys help you see your product grow with every iteration.

Mobile development

Starter24 Assistance App

A cross-platform mobile application that improves customer experience whenever your car breaks.

Paperwork, manual reporting and hours of retyping the details of car incidents by customer service agents. Starter24 automates assigning service tickets, tracks hauling activities and sends billings to the accounting department.  Thanks to that, customer service can focus on helping customers with non-standard problems.


of contractors use the app

8300 h/y

saved for customer service


issues a week served through the app

Our tech stack includes the latest technologies

More than 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Our cutting-edge technologies help you benefit from it.

React Native

The multi-platform nature of React Native helps us build interactive interfaces that perform flawlessly and can be developed fast, regardless of your mobile platform. Up to 33% savings on mobile development.


Angular based open-source platform to build simple and beautiful mobile cross-platform applications and enjoy great development environment.

Looking for other services?

Check out other great services we can offer. We deliver high-quality products with proven technologies, within time and budget.

IoT software development

IoT software development

Our IoT software development team knows how to build IoT solutions. We use the right tools and a proven development process to help your business become more eco-friendly or technology-driven.

Web development

Web development

Due to the best web development practices and also new technologies, we can build applications fast and they perform great.

B2B Applications Development

B2B Applications Development

Thanks to B2B applications development you can analyse data and make better business decisions. Use data visualisation and automate business processes to plan better and bring more predictability to your organisation.

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