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IoT software development

Smart devices can make your business smarter. We use their power to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Our team of IoT software developers can build a complete web and mobile ecosystem around your IoT solution and add value to your current products or services.

IoT software development

We can help your business with IoT software development


Research helps to avoid unnecessary costs before software development starts. We test available tools and solutions to pick the best ones for your IoT solution.

IoT architecture

Our backend developers will design the project architecture. They’ll map out the data processing, API integrations or business logic behind every feature.

MVP development

We’ll start by collecting and analysing the most meaningful data to present your product to end users even in less than 3 months.


We’ll help you bring business insights to the surface. Our lightweight interfaces display real-time data visualisation for better business decisions.

Connected things talk. Listen, analyse and use the real power of data.

The Internet of Things is much more than the solutions we call smart fridges, smartwatches or even smart homes. In fact, we can make entire cities speak and behave the way we expect.

If we equip things with sensors, connect them into a data cloud and use sensor data processing, we can use the real-time information without the need of being anywhere around.

This way businesses can give voice to their offices, trucks and factories. App-to-device connection, remote control, emergency alerts communication, data visualisation and other critical features give business or city managers a chance to build their decisions upon insights they didn’t have access to before.

Why work with us

Why work with us

IoT proof of concept and research

Mistakes can be costly. We make discovery sessions and research the first step of our Internet of Things development. 

Transparent communication

Constructive feedback is the foundation of successful product development. We hold regular sessions to be 100% sure our IoT developers will meet your expectations.

Intellectual property protection

We are serious about your IP rights and security of your source code. Our team will protect your business ideas like they were our own.

IoT software development

IoT solution for hotels and dorms

A 6-month engagement to make a Polish dorm greener and more eco. 

Grandmetric, a system integrator, asked Briisk to work on IoT software development of their brand new IoT solution for dormitories and hotels. 

The project consisted of the research of potential architectures, building a proof of concept and then the development of an MVP web application. It is now used by dormitory receptionists as well as tenants.     

The entire solution was installed in July 2018. In the first season, the dormitory saved more than 15000 EUR on heating. 

The company is planning to use further types of sensors to generate more savings for their clients. 



50 000

sensor data per second

20 000 EUR

savings per heating season

Our IoT technology stack

We cherrypicked the technologies we find valuable for building scalable and bulletproof IoT applications.


Designed for lightweight applications that are scalable and easy to maintain. Perfect for multitasking apps requiring an loT of processing and calculations under the hood.


Thanks to its telecom origins, Phoenix framework is ideal to build robust applications. You’ll be able to handle millions of connections every second with no compromise on speed or maintainability.


A time-series database that collects every data input with a timestamp. Optimised for fast, high-availability storage in fields such as operations monitoring, application metrics, IoT sensor data or real-time analytics.


Thanks to GraphQL, we can easily redesign the UI without even touching the backend. It means that we can save time, increase our team's productivity and speed up product development at the same time.


Helps us build interactive interfaces that perform great and can be developed fast, regardless of your technology stack. Startups and developers love React for its performance and reliability.


Google’s superhero framework for modern frontend development. Angular guarantees performance, scalable infrastructure and meets huge data requirements.

Not exactly what you're looking for?

There's a lot more we can do for your business.

Web development

Web development

Due to the best web development practices and also new technologies, we can build applications fast and they perform great.

Mobile development

Mobile development

Why choose between iOS and Android version of your app? Thanks to cross-platform mobile applications we can develop once and run everywhere.

B2B Applications Development

B2B Applications Development

Thanks to B2B applications development you can analyse data and make better business decisions. Use data visualisation and automate business processes to plan better and bring more predictability to your organisation.

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