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B2B Applications Development

Interactive dashboards, customised workflows and SaaS platforms are some of the solutions we can build for your business.

B2B Applications Development

We’ll partner you at every step


Research helps to avoid unnecessary costs before software development starts. We test available tools and solutions to pick the best ones for your solution.

MVP Development

We’ll start with the features that will help you earn as soon as possible. Our goal is to build the product according to your business priorities.

Going live

We’ll advise on the right tools to host your business application and scale it if necessary. Safety and scalability are our priorities.


Leaving you after the development is not our style. We can maintain your production server also after your application is ready.

Business Applications with Briisk

Business Applications with Briisk


We’ve grown from B2B applications development and are equipped with the best technologies to support your business. 

We respect your way

Our solutions are carefully tailored to your business needs, enhanced by solid analysis and planning.

Reliable process

Our development process and regular deploys help you see your product grow with every iteration. 

B2B Applications Development

Data Visualisation Tool for ITeanova

A dashboard to show how a microscope factory uses its production lines.

Too many elements on a single dashboard can distract from spotting the most important figures. That’s why we built a customised dashboard to display only those tables and charts that were the most valuable.

The data comes from an SAP system and based on the version of the layout, the user can pick which metrics they want to track.

Now ITeanova uses the dashboard to display production capacity to their client producing microscopes.


Months of work


Tickets in Jira


Team members

Our tech stack for business applications

Business applications don’t have to rely on old technologies. Our team knows how to use new tools to deliver business value.


Designed for lightweight applications that are scalable and easy to maintain. Perfect for multitasking apps requiring an loT of processing and calculations under the hood.

Ruby on Rails

Reliable for MVP development and quick application prototyping. It has everything it takes to build fantastic web applications.


Thanks to GraphQL, we can easily redesign the UI without even touching the backend. It means that we can save time, increase our team's productivity and speed up product development at the same time.


Helps us build interactive interfaces that perform great and can be developed fast, regardless of your technology stack. Startups and developers love React for its performance and reliability.


Google’s superhero framework for modern frontend development. Angular guarantees performance, scalable infrastructure and meets huge data requirements.

Check other services our team can provide

We have the team and the tools to help our clients build software within time and budget.

IoT software development

IoT software development

Our IoT software development team knows how to build IoT solutions. We use the right tools and a proven development process to help your business become more eco-friendly or technology-driven.

Web development

Web development

Due to the best web development practices and also new technologies, we can build applications fast and they perform great.

Mobile development

Mobile development

Why choose between iOS and Android version of your app? Thanks to cross-platform mobile applications we can develop once and run everywhere.

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