Unified Reporting
Managing incidents in multi department businesses has never been easier.
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Unified Reporting is a simple tool enabling accurate communication and reaction to events affecting company's performance. The staff are able to immediately report problems making it possible to eliminate negative events right at their source. The system has been successfully used in a number of companies in Norway and Poland.

Our Client wanted to refresh the design of the application yet keep it simple and user friendly. On top of that, they were looking for a partner to use the existing web API and develop the app on many platforms at the same time. Having strong programming background, Unified Reporting Tech Lead approached Briisk to become their partner for cross-platform development.

With the emergence of new mobile concepts and technologies, it was crucial for us to find a reliable partner for app development. After many failed attempts with companies and hired hands, we finally found a working concept with Briisk. Communication is transparent and pleasant, and the quality of work is aligned with our expectations. It is a creative team with good understanding of business problems, and we look forward to our next project with them.


Bjorn Nese

Tech Lead for Unified Analytics

Daily users of the reporting application
Companies getting benefit
Usual industries using the solution
To enable quick and efortless reporting and prepare the system for future development on many mobile platforms at once.
  1. Using exisitng web API for a new application.
  2. Clients using different operating systems on mobile.
  3. Old fashioned design not adapted to mobile devices.
Our Client needed a team able to deliver not only the code but also the ideas. With a dedicated project manager and an Ionic team, our Client was able to bring the app to the next level.
  1. Daily standups within the team to keep constant track on project progress.
  2. The Client was present at team's daily standups.
  3. Weekly meetings with the Client to discuss priorities and communicate challenges.
A cross-platform version of the application with both user and admin dashboards.
  1. New, refreshed design applicable for both Android and iOS platform.
  2. Reporting issues directly to Quality Management System.
  3. Optimising the cost of future development thanks to cross-platform approach.
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