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Process Modelling Tool – Track Builder Automation

Process Modelling Tool – Track Builder Automation

A smart process modelling tool successfully used for education, healthcare and fault management purposes.


Track Builder facts and numbers


industries served


decision time reduction

200k GBP

saved though a pilot program

Track Builder is a process modelling tool that helps customer service centres or healthcare providers make more educated decisions faster. Thanks to its unique composition, TrackBuilder reduces the complexity of the decision process from exponential to linear. The successful employment of Track Builder for one of their customers led to winning Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning in 2007.

Running a pilot in a diabetes centre showed that thanks to the clinical decision support provided by TrackBuilder the facility were able to save 200 000 GBP a year because 53% of patients would be sent home safely instead of hospitalised.   


TrackBuilder’s customers:

DisneyBarnes & NobleKPMGXerox


With the deprecation of Flash technology, TrackBuilder’s frontend was built with, the Client could no longer sell his solution on the market. He needed a way to bring TrackBuilder online but in the same robust way, the application was made before. The main challenges we came across were:

  • Make sure that the application works on old and new browsers
  • Write only one version of the application, regardless of the type of device used 
  • Design the same layout for mobile and web versions


The Client approached Briisk to turn an old Flash engine into a new web-based tool that would bring TrackBuilder’s intelligence to new customers. Briisk took on the challenge of creating a Vanilla JS application that would require low maintenance and follow strict architectural rules. 

The team made initially of two developers started to work very closely with the Client from August 2018. The process went as follows:

  • Running a product workshop with the Client
  • Structuring the architecture of the solution
  • Setting up a continuous integration process
  • Rewriting the first game from Flash to JavaScript
  • Adding the remaining features for the following games


  • JavaScript


Frontend development

Continuous Integration




  • Web application
  • RWD


Following TrackBuilder’s guidelines, we built three educational simulations based on a robust frontend engine. One of the simulations educates American teachers about the delicate matter of gender sensitivity among students. The simulations we created for the Client contained almost 90% of features from the core engine.

With the web-based solution, TrackBuilder is ready to broaden its portfolio and provide services to new businesses.

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