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Souly IoT Smart Home Application

Souly IoT Smart Home Application

Thanks to this innovative building control system hotels, offices and dormitories can control energy savings.

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Facts and numbers



50 000

sensor data per second

20 000 EUR

savings per heating season

Souly is a complete IoT ecosystem made for hotels, student dormitories and other buildings. In other words, it helps property managers collect and analyse the data about their buildings. Thanks to the intelligence of SoulyBox and SoulyApp, building administrators need only one system to log in guests, set room temperature or manage internet access. In addition to that, Souly analyzes user behaviour or power usage and presents the data as easy to interpret charts.

Briisk partnered in app development and design of the UI for reservation and user applications.


The client worked with a distributed team responsible for different parts of the ecosystem. The biggest challenges in building Souly system lied in its requirements.

  • Ensure secure communication between the devices and the server
  • Scale the solution so that new modules can be easily added
  • Aggregate large sets of data
  • Synchronise the work with SoulyBox architect


The team took a hybrid (agile and fixed) approach to the project

  • Daily updates and biweekly planning sessions were the core of the process
  • Financial control was performed by the project manager to ensure that the budget is not exceeded
  • Some solutions had a few versions so we could stay flexible with change requests and fixed with the project timeline


  • Angular
  • Elixir
  • InfluxDb
  • Phoenix


Solution research

Project architecture

Web development

Mobile development

Project Management



  • IoT
  • Data analysis
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Souly was an opportunity to handle data from many IoT devices and their sensors. On the backend, we decided on Elixir - a new language naturally suited for concurrency. Working with the mix of technologies we used was an exciting adventure!
Dawid Warpas
Dawid Warpas
Lead backend developer


A web application for hotel receptionists and a mobile application for tenants and hotel guests.

  • Easy to use receptionist panel with data charts written in Elixir and React
  • React Native mobile application to control room temperature through SoulyBox
  • Both applications are scalable and ready for adding new modules

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