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Inbox Smart Storage App
Facility management / storage

Inbox Smart Storage App

We partnered with a self-storage company to design and build web and mobile applications. The result is hassle-free storage management for scheduling pickups and deliveries of the items you don’t need at home.

Screen iphone
Screen iphone

Self-storage industry


Storage facilities in Europe

350 mln EUR

Transactions a year

9.5 mln square feet

of self storage space in NL
Overview makes storage easy, effortless and brings structure to your stuff. They pick up your stuff, take it to the warehouse for storage, and redeliver one or all items wherever and whenever you want.  All done through the Inbox-app with which you’re able to digitally manage your items, subscription and schedule pick of (re-)delivery orders.


Inbox has built a successful business that is a game changer in the Dutch storage sector. They developed a dropbox-like model in which users buy storage space instead of physical boxes. In order to allow their clients to calculate the subscription and self-manage the space, Inbox decided to take another step and create a web and mobile solution none of their competitors has.  

The two biggest challenges were to:

  • Come up with an intuitive way to describe possible storage items
  • Integrate the solution with Inbox’s leads and flow and customer management system


In order to deliver the product step by step we used:

  • Agile work framework with daily updates and regular planning sessions
  • A continuous delivery process
  • New web and mobile technologies


  • Elixir
  • GraphQL
  • React


Backend development

Frontend development

Mobile development

UX design

Project management

Continuous integration


  • iOS application
  • Web application
Screen 1

This project allowed us to use the power of Elixir backend and the shared codebase for React / React Native. We managed to share 50% of it between the web and mobile apps.

Daniel Koza
Daniel Koza
frontend developer


Following Inbox’s business needs, we built robust web and mobile apps that allow users to:

  • Calculate the subscription for their storage space
  • Manage their storage box
  • Order additional services such as pickup of non-standard items
  • Set pickup / delivery time in the app
  • Make a secure payment

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