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Software House is just like a Football Team

Software House is just like a Football Team

Posted on 14/06/2018
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Many of us were waiting for this day, and it’s finally here – the World Cup 2018. At Briisk we have many football fans, so you can just imagine how intense we’re discussing who would be the winner of the World Cup 2018.

But what if we told you that a software house is like a football team?

Hearing all these discussions about the best team, and which team has better backfield, forward or goalkeeper it came to our minds to play a game.

We’ve decided to compare football players to a software team and here’s the conclusion that we came up with:

Goalkeeper = Project Manager

  • responsible for keeping the project and the team safe
  • they keep the team away from distractions and concentrate on fulfilling the goals of the project
  • they take on themselves most of the communication with the product owner
  • and they must know where the attack is coming from (or in which corner it is hiding) so they can manage the risk.

Backfield = Backend Developer

  • there’s a saying, first you have to have a tie, so you can win later. In software, first you build what you can’t see (the backend) in order to speed up and scale later
  • they are the lungs of the whole team, they are on the move all the time and deliver the ball to the others (the same is with the backend developers, they bring the data to the rest of the team)
  • they may not be as visible as the frontend developers, but they are definitely the most important, and any mistake they make effects the rest of the projects
  • during the match, backfield players are the brains and they tell the others when and where to attack, and so the backend developer
  • you cannot win the match without good backfield in your team, so make sure you hire the best backend developers in town.

World cup

Disclaimer: What you see on the picture is not one of the best player formations during the real match – its main point is to visualise our point

Forward = Frontend Developer and Design

  • they are the most visible team members
  • they create spectacular situations and experiences
  • the result of their work is always visible and appreciated compared to backfield players

Midfield = Solution Architect

  • playmakers: at a software house, they get across of the most of the tasks (balls) and they can decide who gets them next and which patch they should follow in order to score
  • they become the application architects

Captain = Team Leader

  • the most experienced player, and respected person
  • a mentor for their colleagues
  • they know how to motivate and moderate discussions

Coach = Product Owner

  • they have the biggest knowledge about the domain, they don’t afraid to share it and teach and motivate their team
  • they work hard to have an efficient squad and know how to execute from them
  • they create plans and strategies and test them with their team
  • they put pressure on the team when it comes to performance and deadlines
  • they are responsible for the end product

Main Referee (Score Keeper) = Client

  • they evaluate whether the goals have been met
  • they blow the whistle in case of a foul
  • they observe the team and watch the time of the match

Line Keeper = QA

  • they make sure that the match is played by the book
  • they whistle when the acceptance criteria are not met
  • they check if all the forward players are in non-offside positions

Now, the next time you work on a new project with your team, think of it as of a football match. Think of the tactics, tools and the timeline so you finish your project on time. Make sure to sign up good people to each task, so everyone knows what to do, communicate with them during breaks (standups) and give them feedback so they can finish the project with the best score.

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Dorota Kaczmarek
Dorota Kaczmarek
Marketing Manager

Digital marketer, explorer, dreamer & traveller but also a coffee lover and food connoisseur. After hours Co-Organizer of Hive61 event for startups.

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